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COSCO through Our Eyes Quotation

As the Controller for COSCO Americas Inc., I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with so many of the Chinese Expats. Since 2000, we have worked together to set targets, to solve problems and to achieve mutual goals.

It has been said that business is a universal language. From the small family run store to the large multinational corporation, the goal is the same – to make a profit. Although each entity has its own way of achieving success or failure, there is no one single recipe for success. At COSCO, this is especially true, where you will find a blending of business knowledge from two continents. Just as it is generally true that two minds are better than one, at COSCO it is also true that two cultures are better than one. When these two cultures are combined, they are actually greater than the sum of their parts. Each is able to draw on the other’s strengths, and help eliminate any weaknesses.

It seems that every week I read an article about how different the Chinese and American cultures are. While it is true that each culture has distinctive characteristics, ultimately it is the people who share so many similarities. Together as one, we are able to overcome hurdles and achieve successes.

The famous American economist, Milton Friedman, was credited with saying: “The business of business is business”. At COSCO, we prefer to say that “The business of shipping is COSCO”.

Larry Mattson, Controller, COSCO Americas, Inc. 


I have been managing the 100 Lighting Way building since 1990 and have a vast knowledge of the building, engineering and real estate. COSCO hired me in 1995 when they purchased the COSCO headquarter building.

This was my first experience working in a multi-culture business environment and I have found it to have some differences from working with an American company it has also proven to be an educational, enlightening and rewarding. 

COSCO takes great pride to offer good compensation and good benefits to their employee’s… Overall COSCO has been a good company to work for and I hope to enjoy another fifteen years working for COSCO.

David Harder, Deputy General Manager, Property Real Estate Management


As the President and CEO of COSCO Group pointed out COSCO’S growth took place in three phases. The Formation phase (1961 – 1979), Development phase (1979 -1998) and Take Off phase (1998 – present).  For me, I joined COSCO during the Development phase in 1989 in San Francisco. Later, in August of 1989, I was transferred to the Norton Lilly office in Seattle to run the COSCO office.  In 1995, I was promoted to the Vice President of COSCO North America (PNW)  and I have been here since experiencing the remarkable growth of COSCO Container Lines company.   

Seattle, Washington is important to the early development of COSCO because it is where the normalization of trade between the United States and China resumed in April of 1979 when the COSCO vessel M/S Liu Lin Hai docked at Pier 91.  The Liu Lin Hai arrived in Seattle on April 18th with a crew of 42 seamen including Captain Bei Hanting and loaded 37,000 tons of corn worth $5 million.

When I began my career with COSCO North America Inc. we operated 1300 TEU vessels on the west coast. Soon the vessels increased in capacity to 2700TEU vessels, 3700TEU vessels, and then COSCON vessels in the PNW increased to 5500TEU vessels and now are transitioning to 8500TEU vessels. How proud we are to be part of COSCO’s growth and success.  

Most importantly for me has been the friendship and work experiences I have shared with so many friends and colleagues at COSCO.  So I am honored and grateful to celebrate COSCO’S 50th anniversary.

Tim Banks, Vice President, Seattle Office of COSCO Container Lines Americas, Inc.


I started with COSCO in May of 1995, I was young and relatively new to the industry. At the same time COSCO was a one trade lane provider with its main focus on China. Now almost 16 years later, I am the Vice president of Pricing, Marketing, Service Contracts and Tariffs.   COSCO has grown to be an industry leader who specializes in international trade and services all the major markets. COSCO has come a long way in providing good strong relationships with our accounts, vendors and personnel allowing us to provide many opportunities for our partners to handle their businesses in an efficient and profitable manner. As well as providing a work environment that nourishes and rewards its employees for their hard work and dedication.  I was fortunate to have participated in this amazing growth and development of this industry leader. From a small agency business to a super power that provides many jobs around the world as well as here in the USA.

I grew up simultaneously with COSCO, I have been fortunate enough to learn about many cultures around the world as we grew from a one trade lane provider to a world leader. From starting our European and Mediterranean services to developing programs for growth into markets all over Asia. The COSCO family is a large multi-cultural business environment that prides itself on cutting edge technology, top quality customer service, superior services as well as providing custom business solutions for our account base. This is evident in any COSCO office around the world.

So on this momentous occasion, COSCO’s 50th anniversary, I wanted to say thank you to COSCO for all that you have done for me and I look forward to the next 50. I am sure that you will continue to be a leader in transportation and all your other adventures. I look forward to the journey and will continue to do my part to ensure our success.

Brian Abramowitz, VP Marketing and Pricing, COSCO Container Lines Americas, Inc.  


I have the tremendous good fortune of working with COSCO for nearly 22 years.My first job out of college was the agency that represented COSCO in the USA and Canada. Through my 22 years I have represented COSCO in New Jersey, Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana and Texas. I was on the original team that transitioned COSCO’S all water services calling Houston, Texas to inland intermodal  operations over California. This was the BIG move back in circa 1996. This was back in the day when COSCO contracted with General Electric for G.E.I.S. (General Electric Information Systems). This system was a “time sharing service” that would allow us to link for global access to information.

We would dedicate small portions of the day to do our research. Here we are 15 years later and we have a global information system that links all COSCO data globally and instantly.

In addition, I remember when a 1,200 TEU ship was a monster. Today we have ships in excess of 13,000 TEU. I remember the many trips to the ports and board ships in the 1,000 TEU class, a nice quick walk up the stairs. Today climbing up the stairs of a 13,000 TEU ship can seem like a  life time. I have been afforded many tremendous opportunities working with COSCO. I have learned a new culture, the Chinese, and I have made many trips around the world as well I have seen the rapid and massive transformation of COSCO to one of the largest container carriers in the world and presently the largest ship owner in the world. Looking back I would not change a thing, I would take all the risks I have taken over the past 22 years, and I only look towards the next 22 years with tremendous excitement and anticipation as COSCO leaps further into the future! Best wishes COSCO on your 50th anniversary!

Tim Marsh, Vice President of Sales, COSCO Container Lines Americas Inc.