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Locating at Port of Long Beach in Southern California, the Pacific Maritime Services, LLC. ( in abbreviation as PMS) is now the biggest specialized container terminals in Northern America of the pacific liner service launched by COSCO Container Line. Established on July 1st, 2001, PMS is a joint venture owned by both COSCO Terminal America and the Stevedoring Services of America ( in abbreviation as SSA). In Accordance with the agreement signed by both parties, COSCO holds 51% of the shares, and SSA shares 49%.  

As a joint venture registered in United States of America, PMS carries out the system of being responsible by General Manager under the leadership of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is the highest policy-making organ and the General Manager and his managing team is the highest executive organ. PMS takes the Pacific Container Terminals ( in abbreviation as PCT) as the operation entity. It’s major business is to provide terminal services to container vessels owned not only by COSCO, but also by other parties.

PCT now possess land of 256 acres hired from Port of Long Beach. It has 5 berths with water depth of 50 feet, total berthing length of 5800 feet and equipped with 15 gantry cranes. The terminal is now provided with all kind of functions on container harbor operation, including container loading and discharging, container storage in and out yard, container on-dock rail services, container highway transportation services, reefer container services as well as the automated container appointment system and automated availability system. 

CONTACT WITH PMS                                                             
PHONE: 562-983-1001
FAX:   562-432-3834
WEB SITE: http://www.ssamarine.com/locations/pacificSW/pct.asp