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COSCO Americas' headquarters staff is organized into four distinct   divisions.Located at 100 Lighting Way,Secaucus,NJ each division is headed by a   member of senior management and reports directly to the President of COSCO   Americas.With clear lines of accountability and responsibility and transparent   communications,the divisions carry out corporate initiatives and support the   employees at large.

  •  Executive Affairs Division
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  •  Strategic Development Division
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  •  Corporate Finance Division
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  •  Human Resources and Legal Affairs Division
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    The Human Resources and Legal Affairs Division controls and directs all human resource, personnel and legal activities for COSCO Americas and most affiliate companies. This includes:

  • Development and implementation of employment policies and procedures
  • Recruitment and employment activities
  • Career development
  • Compensation and financial reward programs
  • Implementation, enrollment and administration of benefit programs
  • Employee and management counseling
  • Human Resources Information System management
  • Legal affairs management for business and employment issues


    Zhao Yuguang (General Manager)
    Office: (201) 422-8835       Email: zhaoyug@cosco-usa.com
  • David Marcano (Senior Director, Legal Affairs and Deputy General Manager)
    Office: (201) 422-8881       Email: dmarcano@cosco-usa.com