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China Ocean Shipping Company Americas, Inc.

China Ocean Shipping Company Americas, Inc. (COSCO Americas) is a regional management center for China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO Group) governing COSCO's business entities in North, South, and Central America and the West Indies.COSCO Americas, headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey, has established a stable business presence in 8 countries: the USA, Canada, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and Chile. COSCO Americas governs 30 subsidiaries and joint venture companies in the Americas. Through these subsidiaries and joint ventures, and with the continuous effort of COSCO employees worldwide, COSCO Americas has expanded its business to a diversified scope including container shipping, terminal operation, bulk shipping, tanker shipping, logistics service, shipping agency, cargo agency, bunker supply, vessel supply and technical support.


On April 18th of 1979, COSCO M.V. Liu Lin Hai set sail from Shanghai to Seattle as the first merchant marine vessel from the People's Republic of China to the USA resuming the maritime trade between the two countries.   On August 6, 1982, COSCO registered its first U.S. Company in California and started its first monthly liner services to the West Coast. East Coast service followed later that same year.

Service Quality

COSCO Americas is constantly striving to improve service quality. With a global network of state of the art systems, our people have developed a personal connection and the ability to quickly address and anticipate customer needs. In 2011, the Federal Maritime Commission Chairman Lidinsky awarded COSCO with a "Certificate of Excellence of Services"; in promoting the US-China maritime trade.

Social Responsibility

COSCO Americas is extremely proud of our record regarding environmental protection, safety and security. COSCO has received many environmental protection awards from government agencies, including the Port of Seattle "Green Flag" and the Port of Long Beach "Green Port". Also, COSCO Americas was recognized with the New Jersey Smart Workplaces "Gold Award".

COSCO Americas participates fully in all security programs, such as C-TPAT and ISPS, and has not had any significant incidents or violations. All required USCG inspections are conducted and passed.

Job Creation and Sustainability

COSCO has contributed directly and significantly to creation of local employment in the USA and throughout the Americas. In the USA, COSCO offices are located in 10 cities, employing 600 people, of which 93% are local employees.

As trade relations flourished among China and the American countries, COSCO's business development in the region accelerated. Today, COSCO has 22 weekly liner services calling 12 major US ports, connecting the Far East, Europe and Mediterranean. Also, we provide 2 weekly liner services to the both West and East Coast of South America calling on 9 ports in 7 countries. In each of these ports, on both continents, COSCO has created, either directly or sustained indirectly thousands of jobs. An example is COSCO's direct port of call to Boston that directly saved over 9,000 jobs in the area. Also, COSCO's business in Long Beach, California created close to 2,000 (direct and indirect) jobs within terminal operations.

The Executive Management of COSCO Americas, led by President LIU Hanbo, has taken an assertive approach to communicating our strategies to leadership of governmental bodies and industry stakeholders.

As was the theme of our recent 50th Anniversary, under the direction and guidance of COSCO Group, COSCO Americas will continue to strengthen trade cooperation:

"Across Oceans, Across Continents, Across Cultures"