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China Through my eyes


"How do I begin to describe the experience of a lifetime?" Amazing, incredible,wonderful and unforgettable, yet these words still do not seem enough.

Our first stop Beijing. For me, this was the highlight of my trip.

It is a city so rich with history but also destined to be a world force in the future. I still get chills just thinking about "The Great Wall" - one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It's breathtaking. And let's not forget the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square. So many historical relics all contained within a new, vibrant city so full of energy, where beautiful buildings, bridges and gardens surround you.

Our next stop the city of Xian. Visiting this ancient city felt as though we'd gone back in time. Simply put, the Terra-Cotta Museum is the Eight Wonder of the World. There are no words which can express what it feels like when, just a few feet away, you are staring into the past - seeing artifacts and figures exactly where and how they appeared over 2,000 years ago. We then went on to Shanghai, which to me seemed like a combination of New York and Las Vegas with a lot of history also. I loved walking through the passageways of the Water Town, once again feeling as though I'd been transported back in time. My one regret was not being able to spend hours talking to all of the local people. Just imagine of the stories they could tell. I know the rest of people fortunate enough to experience this once-in-a-lifetime journey, all have their own favorite places and special stories. I enjoyed cultivating friendships and precious memories with all of them.

I would like to thank the company for giving me this opportunity, and I's like to tank the people who worked so hard to make this trip perfect in every way.

Thanks again for the memories,

George Nunez

Reflections Of China

For me and my wife this was truly a dream come true and an experience that will be cherished forever. Since my return to the USA I have been searching for words to express the emotional experiences that my wife and I felt during our tour of China. From time to time we would say to each other, “Can you believe that we are really here in China?” My wife and I are married for 35 years this October and we couldn’t’ imagine a more enchanting place to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary then in China. For me this trip was a real eye opening learning experience. I truly feel that I now have a better understanding and appreciation of China, Its culture and its history. The 3 major cities we visited Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai were simply spectacular each having their own special treasures. To actually be standing on the Great Wall of China in Beijing was a breathtaking experience. (Even more breathtaking if you tried to climb the stairs to the top of the wall!) Our visit to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the temple of Heaven was a wonderful memorable experience we will never forget. My wife particularly loved Xi’an for its charm, its history and culture. The terracotta Warriors was a sight only to be imagined by most people but we got to view the unearthed wonders of this century for ourselves. My favorite city is the more modern Shanghai with all of its tall multi colorful skyscrapers and I enjoyed walking and shopping in Nanjing road. The China trip is one we will always remember fondly. I would like to thank our team leader Jim Kemp who coordinated this wonderful trip and kept everything running smoothly throughout. I would like to thank the very kind MS Grace Gao Yuan from COSCO HQ who joined our tour in Beijing and who attended to our needs and made sure none of us got separated and lost from the group while out on tour. I would like to say a very special thank you to MS Rebecca Zhang our wonderful and gracious tour guide from Dynasty Travel for her tireless work to ensure that we all were having a great time from the very beginning of our tour till the very end. Rebecca made sure that our stay in China was informative, comfortable, and most of all, an enjoyable experience leaving us with a strong desire to some day return to visit China again.

In closing I just want to say with sincere appreciation, thank you so much COSCO for affording me and my wife the wonderful opportunity to tour China with some of my fellow COSCO co-workers and their families. COSCO is truly a wonderful company to work for because they recognize and reward those employees who try to do their best and work hard for the company. It should serve as a great inspiration to other employees to work hard and do a good job and they too will be rewarded by COSCO in various ways and will share in COSCO's prosperity. 

Stan Kaminski